Pat Pitsch, the original founder of Stongback Metal Boats Inc., had a dream. He wanted to harness his 35 years of industry expertise to create quality boats that were more affordable than the rest of the market, while still offering the highest level of quality craftsmanship and innovation. Together with the enlistment of his son Rory Pitsch, they set out to revolutionize the West Coast’s marine industry. As the early visionaries of the company, they developed key innovative designs and introduced pioneering boat fabrication processes. In similar spirit, commercial fishing veteran Ole Oksvold now leads the helm as President of the company.

The key to success is passion, persistency and know how. From the moment we help a customer choose the right design for their needs until the last weld is completed, we maintain the same level of care and attention to detail. Our collaboration between our renowned architect in New Zealand and customers allows us to consistently innovate, ensuring our customers receive the highest quality product.

Our customers look for quality, reliability, and affordability and they find all of it under one umbrella at Strongback Metal Boats Inc.