Although Strongback Metal Boats was founded in 2008, our roots go back over 35 years, when the original owner and visionary Pat Pitsch started his first job in the marine industry with Hydro Electric in Bellingham, WA. His dream was to create quality made, affordable boats and drove him to become an industry leader with his successful company All American Marine Inc. That company began to move away from building fishing vessels and more into the category of high tech catamarans. In the early summer of 2008, Pat decided that he needed to get back into the fishing industry in order to fulfill strong customer demand and founded Strongback Metal Boats, Inc. with his son, Rory.

Since those early days and after Pat’s retirement from the industry, Strongback has grown and expanded in various dimensions. Ole Oksvold, commercial fishing and seafood industry veteran of 36 years, came aboard as President and Owner to lead the company into the future and relocated operations to Seattle and Arlington. Innovation and competition has propelled Strongback to make some major changes in order to strive for the highest quality product we can produce.

This shift in Strongback’s operations is helping us to catapult forward in the marine industry and gain a competitive edge that is new to the company. We take pride in building quality, affordable and highly applicable vessels for any need.